Moringa Body Butter - Additional Information

Ingredients: naturally refined Shea butter, 100% pure Coconut oil, moringa-infused olive oil, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, organic beeswax, essential oil.
Weight:   2 oz

Traci    July  2019
Comments: We were in St John this past week getting lots of sun and I happened upon The Moringa Honeysuckle Body Butter at the St John Spice store. It is absolutely! It's so rich, smells amazing - very luxurious. My dry skin is so soft and smooth. Was awesome to put on after a day at the beach or the pool. I felt like it restored my skin. I'm ordering more!!! A little goes a very long way.

Kelli    November  2016
I love this stuff. I had used pure coconut oil on my skin, but it was just too greasy/watery. This stuff is thicker and goes on so well. It really leaves my skin soft and gets rid of ashiness, especially on shaved winter legs! I am allergic to perfumes, but absolutely love the honeysuckle smell and it doesn't affect me at all. Highly recommend!

Lorion    September  2016
The body butter really moisturizes, but even the mild honeysuckle scent had us sneezing. Looking forward to an unscented option.

MoringaCrafter    September  2016

We did decide to produce unscented soaps for those with perfume allergies and may well add an unscented body butter to the mix as we move along! Thanks so much for your comments!

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