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What process do you use to make your soaps?
There are three methods of making soap. Melt and pour (MP), hot process (HP) and cold process (CP). MP is safe and easy for beginners as you basically buy a lump of already-made soap, melt it and then add whatever colors and perfumes you like to it. It lends itself to artistic creativity and, unlike the HP and CP methods, no handling of lye is entailed.

HP and CP are similar but in HP both the lye water and oils are heated while in CP they’re mixed at room temperature. CP is claimed to produce a soap which is softer on the skin.

We use the CP method.

You say “no chemicals” but isn’t lye a chemical?
Soap can’t be made without lye, but when the lye/water mix is added to the oils, a process called saponification takes place when the lye and oil molecules combine and chemically change into soap and glycerin. There is no lye in the finished bars of soap.

My soap didn’t last as long as the commercial soaps I usually use!
Our soaps are all-natural and contain none of the chemical preservatives used in commercial soaps. They need to be properly drained between uses and will last a LONG time if you use a good soap drainer!

How does the moringa get into the products?
We grow our own moringa trees and infuse a mix of canola and olive oil with the leaves. It’s a long and messy process but that’s what we do!


I’ve purchased several of your body butters and love them but occasionally find that the product is gritty. When I massage it into my skin the grittiness disappears but why does this happen?
The body butters contain Shea butter which is notoriously tricky to work with. Without getting into highly technical detail, the grittiness is caused by what can only be called “temperature malfunction” during production. It doesn’t happen often and, as you’ve discovered, it in no way affects the butter as it smooths away on your skin. If it’s really bothersome and you don’t want to return it for another, you can try gently heating the butter in a double boiler for about 15 minutes over LOW heat, then when it’s cooled down, put it back into the container and freeze it for a few hours.

Does the salve help to clear acne?
According to several users who swear by it, absolutely! A thin layer at night followed by a thin layer in the morning after bathing apparently clears it up incredibly fast.

Can I use the body butters on my face?
Yes. It’s all-natural and can be used all over the body.

Can I use the salve on my baby?
Yes, absolutely. It’s great for soothing and healing diaper rash and any sort of skin eruptions including burns, bites, cuts and scratches. Moringa has been recognized for centuries as a natural, highly effective and very fast healing agent.


Can I use the pet shampoo myself, it smells so good!
Good question and YES! It contains the same ingredients as all our soaps with the addition of lemongrass oil and neem oil. Several of our customers buy a bar for themselves and use it not only on their bodies but as a shampoo. Neem is a great hair conditioner and the pet bar works particularly well for those who have fine, flyaway hair, giving it extra body and bounce as well as promoting healthy new growth!


Is shipping free?
There is no shipping charge if your order is $45 or more. A flat rate of $15 will be added to orders of $44 or less.

Do you accept returns?
Yes, if requested within 30 days of original order. Please see our Returns page for additional information.

How fast do you mail out orders?
All our orders are sent out via USPS Priority Mail within a few days of ordering. As soon as a tracking number is given we email you with the number so you can go to the USPS tracking site to follow its journey to you.