Moringa Sunflower Soap - Additional Information

All our soaps are made of only the finest natural ingredients, with no artificial perfumes, preservatives or colorants. As soon as you use them you’ll revel in the difference between truly “natural” soaps and factory-produced commercial soaps. The lather is abundant, rich and creamy and a little goes a long way. When you rinse off, your skin feels squeaky clean and without the residue that commercial soaps leave behind. We cure our soaps for a minimum of 6 weeks and package them in breathable film.

Note: Soap making is tricky and even if, for instance, the temperature at one stage or another is slightly “off” minor defects can show up. However, color variations and other minor blemishes in no way affect the quality and performance of the soaps but are simply byproducts of the hand-making process (or, in the case of a dent or two, entirely due to sheer clumsiness!). We absolutely guarantee the quality of our products.

All soap weights are approximate within 0.10 oz. If there’s any lower discrepancy we’ll add guest bars to the order to make up the difference!
Ingredients: 100% pure Coconut oil, moringa-infused olive oil, vitamin E oil, essential oil, sweet almond oil and food grade sodium hydroxide. Lavender, jasmine/frangipani and musk soaps are colored with natural matte oxide pigment powder.
Weight:   4 oz

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